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So I suppose I should tell you all about my day yesterday. Oh wow this is going to be a long entry.

Okay. Lacy spent the night and we woke up at 10. Left at 11 for Taylor's house. We made it, amazingly. I thought we'd get lost for sure. Uhm we were pulling up to his house (WHICH IS FUCKING HUGE!) and it's ALL ice by his driveway so I'm like "Lacy, you can stop now." She goes "STEPH! STEPH!" She's holding the brake all the way down and we're sliding like CRAZY. Ahahaha. We ran into a little snow bank at the end of the driveway and we sat there laughing our fucking asses off.

Then I saw him. I've been waiting over a year for that, and the moment was finally there, you know? It was just...wonderful. I gave him the biggest hug I've ever given before and gosh I could have just stood there forever.

So we went to Eden Prairie Mall cos that's where the movie was at. That mall is massive. Like most of the buildings in that rich ass town. Uhm we walked around and he made fun of me for being emo but that's okay. He says there's nothing wrong with being emo, but being who he is he has to make fun of me for it. Haha. Loser.

Uhm he's such a ladies man. Like 10 girls I SWEAR recognized him. And this one chick, Jess, was trying to make me jealous but it's like...go ahead, you're nasty and you smoke pot and eww you're gross. When I got home and talked to him he's like "I kinda shyed away cos I didn't want you to think I was a man whore" Ahahaha. I already did, so that's okay.

We went to see White Noise because Darkness was only playing at 9:55. Lame. White Noise was okay. It wasn't scary at all. It was just jumpy. Which is always good with someone's arm around you. Hmm. That was so nice. Lacy is sitting there with 2 sweatshirts on, freezing. And here I am with just a t-shirt and an arm around me and I was soo warm. It was just so comfurtable and ahh. He was just tickeling my arm and my side and played with my hair. Every time I looked up at him he'd just smile at me and kiss my head. Every time I jumped he'd look at me and kiss my cheek. Adorable. I miss it. Because I'm really cold right now. And I miss him a lot.

After that it was like..3:30 so we took the long way back to his house. Meaning we circled the parking lot of Eden Prairie Mall for about...10 minutes. Ahaha. So we dropped him off and I really really really didn't want to let him go. I kissed him and gave him a huge hug and he told me he loved me. You know how you can tell when someone means it or not? Yeh. He meant it. I just wanted to take him home with me.

So Lacy & I were off to The Quest. We went and got something to eat at The Loon first, which has the best walleye strips ever. After that we went and stood in line. Yeh, there was a line. Luckily it was inside the doors. How lame. Haha. Uhm got in there. Talked to Levi (leviskates) and told him his shirt wasn't finished. HE WAS GOING TO WEAR IT AT THE SEGUE TOO! I was so mad. I got his phone number. How cool do I feel? I'm in his phone book too! Haha. Now he's on my caller ID cos...well that story comes later.

Uhm 5 Stars For Failure was up first and damnnnn it was a bitchin set. Karl was having problems and no one wanted to give him water. Haha. It was cool though. Really awesome set though.

So I told Levi that we needed to follow them to The Segue. So he was telling me where they were parked so when we were in the parking garage I hear my phone ring and it says "Levi 5 Stars" and I felt awesome. Haha. So he told us to pull in to the alley behind The Quest. There was just us, Levi, Erik, Erik's girlfriend, and Karl back there. Then another car came. And another. And another. So we had a line of 5 cars going to The Segue. We all made it too. Levi was looking back at us every 2 minutes, because we were the car right behind the lead car, which was Erik, his girlfriend, and Levi. Yehh. Hot stuff.

When we got to The Segue it was PACKED. And there was a fucking cover charge? What the hell? It was only $1. Oh well. Segue shows are supposed to be free. Icarus was playing when we got in there. It was one big screamo show. It was okay I guess. Then 5 Stars was on and that was hot as hell. Damn! Haha. 2 shows in one night and they were both AWESOME. For sure. Then it was Efusion (WHO I CAN NOT STAND) then Longshot, who were alright, then Four Letter Lie who were FUCKIN BITCHIN. God damn that band is so awesome. But I was way the hell back and I couldn't get any good pictures.

After that I PROMISED Levi I'd have his shirt done, WHICH I WILL, and then we left. Lacy and I were being Brain and screaming "I KEEP MY HEAD ABOVE THE WATERRRRR" because that's the only part of that song we can understand. Hahaha. It was a lot of fun. We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings cos that's just like a ritual for us now. Hah. Love it. Twas good.

Then we came home and pretty much passed out. So ended my bitchin day. Probably one of the best days of my life.

I apologize for the HUGE post, but it's only half as big as it should really be.

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Pictures from yesterday!!!

These pics OWN! Hahaha. The one of me and Jon didn't come out and I was sad. Why did my camera have to fall? Damnit! Oh are some fun pics and then the concert ones will be behind the cut!

Jon on drums and Shawn on guitar covering "Rape Me" with MBR

Justin, Me, Shawn. My favorite picture. Ever. Wow. Notice the school sign in the backround. We all got a kick out of that lol.

Me and Shawn doing 'the face' haha.

This merch guys scorpion. Notice the leaf in the backround. Haha. He was cute. He was also hitting on me. Weeee

Me and Matt. Bad picture of us. Stupid Matt. SMILE! I was all leaning back funny so I look about 90234802384 lbs.

Me and Shawn. Again, I was leaning back. There was a wall he had his foot on so I was leaning back on his leg...if that makes sense. Yep.

Jon, Me, and Shawn <33333333 I LOVE this picture! I loooooooooove Jon with a passion! I should be with that boy. Haha.

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one more...

Megan, Rissa, Stacy and me =) Super fun people.

-x- Steph -x-
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