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love fucking hurts </3

26 May
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5 stars for failure, acoustic, adair, alkaline trio, army of freshmen, audiovent, autopilot off, band promotion, ben einziger, ben kenney, benji madden, between arms, bleed the dream, boxcar racer, boys kissing, brand new, brandon boyd, bright eyes, california, chicago, chris carabba, chris jay, coheed & cambria, coheed and cambria, conan, conan o'brien, concert promotion, concerts, conor oberst, count the stars, courtney love, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, democrat, dexter danger, dj kilmore, dusty brooks, elvis, emo, facing new york, fall out boy, faully, finch, flogging molly, four letter lie, fourminutemile, frank sinatra, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, gavin degraw, good charlotte, halfway to nowhere, hawthorne heights, hoobastank, hot hot heat, incubus, jason mraz, java joint, jc chasez, jimmy buffet, joel madden, john kerry, john mayer, johnny depp, jon devoto, justin burgos, justin sansouci, keith thompson, l3, law and order, lenny kravitz, liberal, locale am, lostprophets, lucky boys confusion, maroon 5, matchbook romance, matt whalen, maxeen, michael buble, midtown, mike einziger, motion city soundtrack, mxpx, my chemical romance, new found glory, norcal, oakland, offset, once over, outkast, over it, piebald, plain white t's, politics, popsmear records, quest, reel big fish, robert carmine, rooney, ryan key, saddle creek records, scene, shawn harris, sherwood, silent film stars, simple plan, ska, skanking, skiing, softball, solemite, something corporate, sondre lerche, sonny moore, spitalfield, story of the year, straight edge, street to nowhere, stubhy, sugarcult, sxe, taking back sunday, the ataris, the berlin project, the breakout, the broken promise, the early november, the java joint, the matches, the movielife, the muckruckers, the new transit direction, the phenomenauts, the starting line, the strokes, the used, thursday, tragedy andy, transfer interrupted, tyson ritter, underoath, velvet revolver, wakefield, warped tour, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard, zebrahead